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Changing nailpolish.

She had bought a nail polish that she thought was funny. Only when she painted it so it had a very strong color. It was quite dark red. But after just one day, it began to brighten. It could be that it was very bad qualities but she did not think it was reached. At first, she could have all their red clothes, and after one or two days, she took all her pink. And if she would later againwould like to wear her red clothes she could just paint your nails with a coat of paint again and there ...


My mother in law suffers from arthritis. Unfortunately she is also a piano teacher and these two facts don't really go well together. The good thing is that she's had holidays for the last three weeks and now she does not have any pain anymore. Of course not using her hands and fingers so intensively for three weeks did her well and she feels it. I think she should think of taking less students, so her hands will be able to recover after the lessons instead of having to move even more. She will probably realise that now.


I am happy that I can write is this last blog before the marathon is starting that my joints are nice and smooth and there is absolutely nothing to worry about. I almost kissed the doctor when he told me. Go for it, he said. And that is exactly what I am going to do. I am even more motivated right now. I want to finish that Rotterdam Marathon. But I also want to make a really good time so everybody can be proud of me! I can do it but it will be hard. It doesn't matter because I ...